Gallery: Photos of Sony’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics service center — a1 bodies, GM glass and more: Digital Photography Review

We’ve already had an inside look at Canon and Nikon’s service centers inside the Main Press Centre the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but they’re not alone. Sony also has a service center, which repairs and loans out equipment to photographers capturing the Olympics. Thanks to Canadian photographer Dave Holland, who managed to capture some images inside Sony’s service center, we now know what it looks like.

As Holland explains in his blog post detailing the service center, nearly all of the gear seen on the shelves is available to use on a first-come-first-serve basis. Holland says the volume and variety Sony has in Tokyo is a dramatic improvement from what was available from Sony at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

In addition to gear rental, there’s also a ‘clean and check’ area where photographers can drop off their equipment to have it cleaned up and checked for full functionality. The technicians will even update the firmware on cameras and lenses, all free of charge to members of the press.

The following images were captured by Dave Holland and shared with his permission.

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