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Last Updated: November 16, 2021

If you’re looking for an entertainment system for the outside then take a look at the 75″ Terrace Outdoor TV as part of Samsung’s early Black Friday 2021 deals. Yes, it is still an expensive product but it is a niche and new technology, the Terrace Outdoor TV features a QLED display that will ensure the quality is preserved of the 4k picture the TV can display, and with a brightness of 1,500+ nits the TV manages to stay visible even in sunlight so you can enjoy it in any weather and with an IP55 weather-resistant rating it can resistant even rain and dust so you don’t have to worry about anything going awry with it being somewhere you don’t usually associate TVs being held.

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75″ The Terrace Full Sun Outdoor QLED 4K Smart TV

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Nothing is better than enjoying some entertainment while in a pool or grilling something to do at the same time and so this 75″ Terrace Outdoor TV as part of Samsung’s early Black Friday 2021 deals is a great option for that. The outdoor TV has a multitude of new technology features allowing you to enjoy the Smart TV in the comfort of your outside, such as the QLED display, this Quantum LED technology is an LCD based display lined with quantum dot nanocrystals that much improve the viewing quality that is compared to OLED displays. They also feature a 1500 nit brightness, which alongside the anti-reflection screen ensures that you can see everything in high contrast even in sunlight and so the image does not get washed out from glare. And with an IP55 weather-resistant rating you need not worry about rain and dust infiltrating your device and ruining it.

The Terrace TV is fitted with Samsung’s Tizen Quantum processor, which allows it to upscale images to 4k if they are not natively showing in that definition as well as showing the image in HDR making sure that the image is of the highest quality and contrast to keep make sure it is a visible and clear screen for you to enjoy. And with a motion rate of 120Hz then you can also enjoy the image at smooth frame rates that will keep everything looking smooth and clear.

The Terrace also features a whole host of connectivity options, with WiFi 5, Bluetooth 4.2, and ethernet you can enjoy the streaming features and cast to other devices at high speeds and good quality. The Smart technology also has any assistant you prefer to use with the ability to use Bixby, Alexa, and Google assistant you get a large choice of assistants to help you more freely use the TV without the need for a controller, even when it’s also weather-resistant or you can use the SmartThings app. So you can be sure to have ease of use with any controls even when your hands at free, if you’re busy in a pool or grilling or even just lounging around you, can be sure to do anything and enjoy everything on the Terrace Outdoor TV.

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