Google is bringing Smart Replies to Google Docs

Anyone who regularly uses Google Docs for work should be happy with this nifty little update that’s coming soon.

Google is bringing Smart Replies to Google comments in the near future, as reported by Engadget.

This feature has already been present in Gmail for a few years, so it seems Google was a little slow to implement it into Docs. Some other features will also be added, such as autocorrect and Smart Compose.

When typing in the comment threads, suggested responses will pop up just underneath the reply box. As in Gmail, you will still be able to type a response manually or edit a suggested one, but for small interactions, this could save people a bit of time if the suggestions are helpful.

Smart reply in Google Docs

Smart Reply will be automatically added to everyone’s Docs by default, and for now, is only available in English. You still have the option of turning the feature off though, you just have to go into the Tools menu and then click on Preferences.

As an online word processor, Google Docs is well built for collaboration, with the ability to have multiple people editing a document at the same time, implementing Smart Replies could help users work together a little more efficiently.

Google showed off the new feature in a blog post, with the company suggesting examples like ‘Thank you’ and ‘perfect’ to notify team members that the document had been updated.

The company has set up a rapid rollout, starting on August 24 and lasting for up to 15 days for certain domains. If you’re looking forward to this feature, it should be with everyone in September, as the secluded release will go on for up to four days and will start on September 13.

Google also mentioned there will be no admins for this feature.

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