Google is testing a new feature to select your best photos

Google Photos is testing out its Top Shot preview feature that will help users find the perfect shot even after a photo has been taken.

As anyone that uses Google Photos might know, Top Shot is a feature introduced on the Pixel 3 that automatically captures images before and after the shutter button is pressed, giving you more choices to get that perfect shot.

Now, as reported by 9to5Google, the nifty Top Shot preview appears to be in testing to find out the best photo from the small portfolio of images captured before and after, to ensure your photo is the highest quality possible.

Right now, Top Shot works by offering a small pop-up that suggests you pick a better shot, which opens up if clicked and displays all the photos taken.

This is a part of the Motion Photos feature, which needs to be enabled for Top Shot to do its job.

Google Photos is being rumoured to be testing this feature out, with Android Police sharing an image that shows a small preview of the other images you can choose from, rather than the text pop-up.

Google photos Top Shot
Credit: Android Police

As shown by the photo on the right-hand side above, the new version shows multiple photo options at once, while the older version on the left doesn’t.

The new preview gives users better access to seeing the portfolio of photos and can be seen as a better visual representation of Top Shot.

For anyone looking forward to trying the newer version of Top Shot, Google hasn’t mentioned when it’s being rolled out or implemented into a wider test or preview any time soon.

If you’re interested in what else Google is up to, you can check out our piece covering the changes the company is making to the Play Store to make reviews more useful.

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