Google Nest smart home gear will be supported for 5 years

Whether it’s a security camera, doorbell, smoke alarm or thermostat, Google Nest is acknowledging that, once purchased, smart home tech isn’t really something you’re going to want to upgrade like a smartphone.

As such, the company is announcing five years of support for all Nest smart home products moving forward. That means automatic software updates and bug fixes as well as critical security updates.

Given the ever evolving nature of security threats and the intimate nature of smart home tech, it’ll become paramount for users they don’t have out of date tech that won’t have access to the latest security updates.

In a blog post on Google Nest privacy, product manager Ryan Campbell explained the update to upholding privacy standards, which include six central tenets. One of which is five years of all of the key security updates.

“We issue critical bug fixes and patches for at least five years after launch,” Campbell wrote. “We work hard to respond to the ever-changing technology and security landscape by building many lines of defence, including providing automatic software security updates that address critical issues known to Google Nest.”

Google also says Nest devices will be validated using an independent security standard, Internet of Secure Things Alliance with publicly published results. The firm is also providing a bug-finding bounty called the Google vulnerability reward program, which provides monetary rewards for security researchers.

Google also points out that your linked Google Account is continually monitoring for suspicious activity, while verified boot ensures your smart home product is running the right software each time it starts up.

“This helps make sure that no one has access to your account or control of your devices without your permission,” Campbell says.

Google also advises users they can keep tabs on who has access to their Google account with the Google Account device activity page.

Does this make you feel more comfortable about buying smart home products? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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