Google Pixel 6 might be getting a 50MP camera

As the Galaxy Watch 4 gets Google’s Wear OS, it seems that Pixel will be borrowing some camera tech from Samsung.

A few days after the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 launch, some light has been shed on Google’s soon-to-be-released phone, the Pixel 6.

As reported by Android Central, it seems that the Pixel 6 will feature a Samsung-made camera, as a string of code was spotted in the latest Android 12 beta 4 update. Pixel phones have previously used Sony sensors.

The code reads gn_wide_p21, which many have said links to Samsung’s GN1 sensor in Google’s upcoming phone. It was posted on Twitter recently.

Code for Samsung camera on Google Pixel 6
Credit: Twitter

The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were teased by Google, but no information about the camera specs was revealed, with the company just claiming that there would be two sensors on the 6 and three on the 6 Pro.

It was rumoured that both models would feature a 50MP wide sensor, as Google did claim the 6 would be capable of capturing 150% more light.

If Google does choose to implement a Samsung camera in its newest phones, it could be a marked improvement from the Pixel’s current camera of choice, which is a 12.2MP Sony sensor.

With the two companies already teaming up to develop Samsung’s newest smartwatches operating software Wear OS, it wouldn’t be too incredulous to suggest that future Pixel phones might feature more Samsung tech.

The Pixel 6’s Google Tensor chip is apparently built by Samsung, based on its 5nm process, and the modem is also rumoured to be Samsung as well.

At this point, we don’t know all the details about Google’s flagship phone line, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if Samsung has a hand in a few of the tech aspects, and we’ll have to wait until Autumn is upon us to find out more.

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