Google releases new privacy tools for your history

Google has released a new tool to help users keep their web activity protected from prying eyes.

The feature was announced today and aims to let users further protect their history.

Specifically, it lets users to implement extra verification for My Activity, meaning that other people using a device someone else is logged into won’t have access unless they have a verification code.

With this setting on, you will need to provide additional information, such as your password or two-factor authentication, before any of you’re history can be viewed.

To view and delete your own search history, click on My Activity to be taken to your history, where you will be presented with options on if you want to delete anything, and what specifically you want to delete.

The search engine giant has bought in more features to protect the personal data of its users.

Alongside being able to manually delete your history, Google also had auto-delete controls, which allows users to have Google automatically and continuously delete their search history.

There is also a Privacy Checkup, which walks users through privacy settings to ensure that they are aware of any third-party organisations that have access to account data, and suggests if any passwords currently in use are too weak.

Make sure you’re safe online and never share any of your personal information over the internet or with anyone you don’t personally know.

For any user that is seriously concerned about their web privacy, we’d strongly recommend considering using a VPN service. You can see a selection of the best VPN tools we’ve tested in our handy guide.

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