Google’s Pixel 6 price leak has consumers shocked at how cheap it could be

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Google’s latest Pixel 6 phone, with many fans of the device still waiting for official information regarding release dates and specifications. Whilst Google has been pretty tight on releasing details regarding the new Pixel 6, a recent leak suggests that the flagship smartphone could retail in Europe for as little as 649 euros.

Google Pixel 6 Price

The leak came to light after a source approached popular YouTuber M. Brandon Lee, stating that an unnamed European carrier listed details regarding devices named “Oriole” and “Raven” – codenames linked with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones.

The source suggested that the unnamed carrier listed the Google Pixel 6 at 649 euros – which translates to $760 or £560. At that price, the Google Pixel 6 will launch at a price that is only marginally more expensive than the Pixel 5’s launch – albeit with a huge list of technological improvements.

Alongside this, leaked information regarding the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s release and price – with sources suggesting an initial launch price of 899 euros ($1050/ £776). Whilst this is a fairly large increase over the Google Pixel 6, it does come with a plethora of performance improvements – including a 120Hz screen, ultra-wide band tech, and extra telephoto rear camera (according to separate rumours).

Despite the recent leaks sounding incredibly attractive, let’s not forget that pricing across different continents rarely translates via a currency-to-currency conversion. Regardless of this, if rumours are to be true, pricing the latest Pixel 6 phones are incredibly well-priced – especially when compared against some of the other leading options in today’s market.

Google Pixel 6 Release Date

As we stated in the intro, we have yet to receive an official release date for the Google Pixel 6 phone. That being said, there have been strong leaks (via an Australian retailer) that suggest an expected launch on October 19th.

The leaks come from an advert in Australia that suggest a full launch of both the standard and pro variants to be on the 19th of October. If that is to be true, we might only have to wait a couple of short weeks for the arrival of Google’s new phone. And if prices are to be true, both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro could be huge hits.

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