GRID Studio turns smartphones into wall art: A review

What do you do with your old phone when you’re done with it? Does it pass down to other, younger members of the family? Do you sell it? Ever thought about pulling it apart and turning it into wall art?

Grid Studio does exactly that, taking select phones and other notable gadgets, and repurposing them as a piece of artwork.

With quite a selection of iPhone models to choose from, GRID Studio has been expanding its portfolio to include Android devices. Now available are the first generation Samsung Galaxy S and the original Google Pixel. Also offered are the first-gen Apple Watch, Game Boy Color, and Sony PSP, and other devices.

Our team was provided a framed Google Pixel here at the office and we fell fast in love with it. A perfect way of looking back at a key moment in time, it also provides a way of looking directly under the hood of the phone.

Each piece is more or less a disassembled product spread across a framed white panel. Depending on which device you choose you’ll end up with either an A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches) or 13-inch square with a two-inch deep black frame.

If you thought a phone was interesting to look at, breaking it apart and looking closely at the individual components is even better. Each part is clearly labeled, including the display, battery, speakers, cameras, case, cables, and processor. Also included are measurements, a blurb about the release, and in some instances, a quote.

Each piece of art is individually and personally constructed with an exacting level of detail. Truly, pictures don’t quite capture how cool the overall design is for the piece.

Should you struggle to find new or interesting gifts for friends and loved ones, I certainly suggest checking out the pieces at Grid Studio. This goes double if they are or were particularly fond of a specific model or gadget.

You can tell from the moment you open your box that it’s something assembled with care and love. From the way in which it’s packed to the wrapping paper and wax seal, it’s great stuff.

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To be clear, these don’t come cheap but a quality piece of art never does. And that’s what these truly are — quality artwork. The attention to detail, the spacing and framing, and the overall approach is unique and different.

Pieces range from around $130 on up with most devices hovering around $150-$180. Sign up for the email mailing list and you can save 10% on your first purchase.

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