Halo Infinite 20th anniversary rewards – what are they & how to unlock

Last Updated: November 15, 2021

The Halo Infinite multiplayer was let loose on rabid fans without much warning on November 15th, Xbox’s 20th anniversary. This is the full experience, no flight tests here, if you want to dive right into the full-fat multiplayer experience you can, weeks before the scheduled December 8th release date.

While most in-game cosmetics are acquired through a battle pass system, similar to that of the one introduced in the Master Chief collection, 343 has also dropped some 20th anniversary rewards for fans to enjoy, allowing you to show off to all your friends that you’re a true Halo fan.

We’re going to be taking a look at what these rewards entail as well as how to acquire them for yourselves so that your Spartan can be kitted out as soon as possible.

What are the Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary rewards?

halo infinite 20th anniversary rewards

So, what are these mysterious 20th anniversary rewards that 343 has blessed us with? Well, you can look forward to emblems, weapon charms, and more. Below is a full list of what’s on offer so you can know whether it’s going to be worth your time:

  • Platinum Anniversary Coatings (Armor, AR, and Warthog)
  • I Love Bees Emblems
  • “Assembled” Emblems
  • Blue Team Weapon Charm
  • Heart Emblem Set

In our opinion, it’s a varied bundle to pick up and you’ll certainly be at the envy of your teammates when jumping into battle with these equipped.

How to unlock Halo Infinite 20th anniversary rewards

If you want to get all of the above 20th anniversary gifts ready to apply to your in-game Spartan, you’ll be thankful to know that it’s not going to be a lengthy process. All you’ll have to do is simply be an early adopter of the game by logging in before November 22nd. This will give you the all-important key to the 20th anniversary reward chest and you’ll have them unlocked forevermore.

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