Halo Infinite Beta – Is The Halo Infinite Beta Over?

Halo Infinite is set to launch later this year and the official beta test went live recently. Unfortunately, it was more or less just a test and the beta was mostly only against bots but it gave great insight into how the general mechanics are going to feel on release. The beta featured weapon drills in the Academy training mode and it allowed playtesting on three different maps.

When Is The Halo Infinite Beta Coming Out?

Unfortunately, the Halo Infinite Beta has been and gone, running from Tuesday, July 29th till Monday, August 2nd. The beta took place on Xbox One, Series X/S, and PC.

Is the Halo Infinite beta over?

Yes, however, we are unsure as to whether the rumors around another beta testing session are set to happen. It is anticipated that another could come before the final launch, possibly sometime in early September. To keep afloat with all things Halo Infinite Beta, it is a good idea to sign up to Halo Insider and check your profile on Halo Waypoint to see if you have been chosen for yet another fight.

We are speculating but we expect to see more Arena PvP action if there is another beta. We also think they will test out the new Big Team Battle with 24 players to see how it runs. With this new game mode, we may also see a few new maps thrown into the beta to cater to the larger player size. Two maps we know about are Behemoth and Fragmentation based on the trailer, so fingers crossed.

As many halo fans know, for it to be an actual big team battle, we are going to need vehicles, so it would be excellent to see vehicles featured in the Halo Infinite Beta too.

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