Halo Infinite Delayed? Co-op Mode And Forge Mode Both Delayed

Anticipation for the latest chapter in the Halo saga is only increasing as we get closer to the game’s official release date. However, bad news regarding some of the game’s features – or lack of – has dented some fans’ enthusiasm.

The news of delays on both Halo Infinite co-op and forge modes dropped recently, with players having to wait months after the game’s official launch to gain access to these fan-favorite modes.

Here’s everything we currently know on the topic, including details on when Halo Infinite co-op and forge modes will be available.

Halo Infinite Co-op & Forge Modes Delayed Until 2022

Some time ago, as Halo Infinite’s delay became increasingly likely, it was suggested that the game’s campaign mode and online multiplayer modes would end up being released at separate times. Fortunately, that wasn’t to be.

Instead, developers gave Halo fans something else to moan at – with both co-op mode and forge mode delayed until well after the game’s official release. The news dropped in a development video, where head of creative Joseph Staten revealed that players won’t be able to enjoy co-op campaign mode or forge mode.

Staten went on to state that the features simply weren’t ready – delaying them until further notice.

“As we focused the team for shutdown and really focused on a quality experience for launch, we made the really tough decision to delay shipping campaign co-op for launch. And we also made the tough call to delay shipping Forge past launch as well.”

When Will Halo Infinite Co-op & Forge Modes Be Available?

Both modes are staples within the Halo fan community, with many players voicing their anger regarding the delays.

Co-op mode has been a part of the game’s functionality since day one – with Forge mode (allowing players to create their own maps and custom games) being available since Halo 3. It’s easy to see why fans were so aggrieved at the news.

Fortunately, Staten was able to give us a rough estimate on when the game’s features would be available. He goes on to say, Co-op mode will be available in season two, whilst forge mode will be close behind in season three.

With a rough estimate of three months per season, games will likely have to wait up to 6 months to utilize both forge and co-op mode – that’s disregarding any potential covid delays that may occur.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, all the latest info regarding the Halo Infinte delay on co-op and forge game modes. It’s safe to say the news of the delay has not been taken well by fans, with many reaching out to forums regarding the issue.

Fortunately, both modes will be available in the near future. However, with many prioritizing co-op modes for the campaign, it’ll be interesting to see if developers try to speed up the release.

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