Halo Infinite: How to fix DCAT Resource Not Found – quick fix

Last Updated: November 18, 2021

It’s been a while since we have seen a good blue/black screen of death on a PC but thanks to Halo Infinite and its latest bug in the multiplayer, that’ what some players are experiencing today.

Also, Xbox players are getting crashes as well so it seems a pretty big deal if it’s affecting you.

How to fix DCAT resource Not Found

This is (or should have!) been fixed by now but your version of the game may not have updated itself if you are still struggling with the error.

This is similar to what happened on launch night where you needed to make sure you verified your game files in order for your launcher to realize there was something new there. It caught many of us out but was easily fixed.

yoroi samurai armor halo infinite

Here’s the fix for all versions of the game.

Fix DCAT Resource not Found on Game Pass (Xbox or PC)

Check your update queue to make sure you have no pending updates that haven’t been downloaded.

If you are in a Halo game, Quit it and launch again and updates should be applied.

Fix DCAT Resource Not Found on Steam

Open Steam library and right-click on your Halo Infinite install.

Select Local Files and choose Verify Integrity of the Game Files

This will check everything is up to date and in order

Have we seen the error before?

We certainly have. It has been circulating for more than a year in various guises on Xbox Game Pass and generally, the fix has always been the same. It’s not obvious what causes it to flare up every now and then but it can usually be fixed by reverifying the files whatever the game.

Some people have found that updating the Microsoft Store app also fixes the issue.

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