Halo Infinite Patch Notes – Multiplayer Beta Release Notes November 19

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343 Studios and Microsoft have announced the first dose of the Halo Infinite patch notes. The game is currently in its first week of the game’s beta multiplayer release, so, things are still subject to change while they build to December 8. Here is what you can expect in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta release notes.

Please note, these Halo Infinite patch notes do not include the recently announced event. That should be detailed in full during next week’s patch notes, whenever they might be.

Halo Infinite Patch Notes – November 19

Good news Halo fans, Halo Infinite is getting a huge arena expansion for eight players. The Halo Infinite Arena queue features the game mode Slayer, Capture the Flag, Oddball, and Strongholds. The maps you can expect to play in the Arena mode include 

  • Live Fire.
  • Behemoth.
  • Streets.
  • Recharge.
  • Aquarius.
  • Bazaar.
  • Launch Site.

It’s good news as the Arena search queue did not have all maps and all game modes attached, as you can see in the ranked mode.

Moreso, you can expect the following maps and game modes for the Big Team Battles game mode. For the modes, you can expect to play Slayer, Total Control, Capture the Flag, and Stockpile on Deadlock, Fragmentation and High Power.

Halo Infinite Issues and Bugs updated today

While Halo Infinite’s beta launch has been relatively flawless, there are a few PC and console players that are having a bad time, For example, PC players have an annoying mouse scroll bug that bugs out weapon switching (including us :/) amongst other issues. The bugs found below are the ones that 343 are looking at the most, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Background Recording feature in Windows 10 and the Record What Happened feature in Windows 11 can cause performance issues when enabled.
    • Turning these features off improves performance. They can be turned off in the Capture Settings menu in Windows 10 and the Captures menu in Windows 11.
  • Some first-person animations may stutter at 60 FPS or higher.
  • In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will not show in the stats at the end of the match.
  • Plugging in a mouse & keyboard during an active game session on an Xbox console locks the player to a 45 degree look radius.
    • This issue does not occur if the mouse is already plugged in when the game is launched.

While it is good to see that 343 studios are acknowledging these issues, there are some they have fixed. Some of these issues are to do with Halo Credit purchases in the MX store. Meanwhile, Oddball has a 5-minute matchmaking timer to reduce the length of crazy games. Also, there are server stability improvements for Big Team Battles and more.

Challenges and Rewards

343 Studios improved the way that players can work through their Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass on November 18. However, there is more clarity on the changes. Players can now get 50xp for the play 1 match challenge every day. Also, XP boosts are increased to 1 hour, rather than 30 minutes as they once were.

Furthermore, players who log in between November 23-30 will get a free The Sigil Mark VII Visor for free to celebrate its returning player base.

On a final note, 343 Studios said balance changes are coming in the future, but there’s nothing here just yet. If you’re interested in the fill notes, you can head over to the Halowaypoint blog post here.

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