Halo Infinite Steaktacular: The best medal in Halo Infinite

Last Updated: November 23, 2021

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is here, and players are back in the saddle, unleashing spartan fury across a variety of maps and game modes. When you get in-game, you’ll get matched against a wide variety of skill base and control schemes, meaning every game is a little different unless you’re playing ranked of course. In some games, you’ll find yourself getting absolutely battered, while in other games you might dominate your opposition.

In the game’s you absolutely dominate in, you’ll find yourself racking up a variety of accolades and medals for your performance. One of the medals in the game that really gives you that great dopamine hit is the Halo Infinite steaktacular accolade.

What is the Halo Infinite Steaktacular

The Halo Infinite Steaktacular is an accolade that you are awarded when you completely destroy the enemy team. It typically appears when you overwhelm the entire team, making the game a complete one-sided victory.

In fact, the medal is not exclusive to Halo Infinite, first appearing in Halo 3, and has since spread to Halo Reach and other halo games. Back then, it required you to get 20 more kills than your enemy team, but it has since been dragged into other modes for Halo Infinite.

How to get Steaktacular in Halo Infinite

To qualify for the Halo Infinite Steaktacular accolade, you will need to beat the enemy team with greater than 60% of the enemy teams value. It pretty much means you have to win your Slayer 50-20, or three caps the enemy team in Capture the Flag. As you can see, it’s fairly difficult to actually achieve this. But, when you do get it in your game, it feels great. The game even announces it at the end of the game in iconic victory soundbites fashion

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