HBO’s series ‘Hard Knocks, The Dallas Cowboys’ has a special section in episode 3. A drone gives a first-person view of the 91-acre campus, including the surrounding facilities. The exhilarating 3-minute clip was the result of a collaborative effort between NFL Films and Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Sky Candy Studios.

For three minutes, viewers take in the entirety of the football field, get behind-the-scenes access to the locker room, and even get a tour of the surrounding restaurants. According to Peter Schrager of Fox Sports, the team had three hours to complete the shot and ‘nailed it on the 15th (attempt).

If the style looks familiar, it’s because it comes from the same creators responsible for ‘Right Up Our Alley’ – the bowling alley video that went viral earlier this year. Much like that video, which features one smooth take (after a few unsuccessful attempts), this footage is timed perfectly – from an usher opening the door to the stadium so the drone can pass through to a towel thrown into a locker room bin as the drone approaches.

You can view more work from Sky Candy Studios and learn more about the series ‘Hard Knocks’ here.