Heineken has built a robot beer cooler that follows you around with fresh cans

Beer giant Heineken has revealed a new robotic mobile ice cooler that’ll ensure you always have a fresh can of ice cold beer within arm’s reach.

The rather frivolous Heineken BOT can follow around its owner, loaded to the brim with a 12 pack of your favourite tipple (it doesn’t have to be Heineken, thankfully) and the requisite ice to keep the summer heat at bay.

The Beer Outdoor Transporter (BOT) will save you the hassle of lugging a cooler down to the park or the pool side. Instead, you can just stroll along with the cold ones trailing obediently behind you.

According to Heineken, it’s got a “charming AI personality” like Wall-E, that’s able to seek out parched summer revellers to check on their thirst level. It’s not clear how the bot works, but it’s likely able to keep tabs on a single target and match their movements.

The BOT doesn’t look too dissimilar from the ‘last mile’ food delivery robots we’ve seen trialled on UK streets in the last couple of years, but it’s not clear who has made the branded BOT for Heineken.

It’s doesn’t look like Heineken is going to make them available for sale, as they’d likely cost a pretty penny, but it is offering folks the chance to win one from July 1st.

Yes, it’s gimmicky. No, there’s isn’t really a justification for buying one. But does it sound like a fun party piece if you’ve got cash to burn or are particularly lucky in competitions? You betcha. Right now the competition appears to be the only way to get your hands on one, but Heineken may start selling these mobile bars at some point if the demand is high enough.

You can throw your name in the hat from July 1 here.

Where does this one rank in terms of all-time tech gimmicks? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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