Here are the four Elyon races available at launch

Are you interested in giving the latest MMO, Elyon, a go at launch? Elyon is yet another MMORPG developed by Kakao and Bluehole. While the developers have cemented their artisanship through Black Desert, Kakao promises to be a brand new game, with new themes, settings and stories.

While the game is much more steampunk, tech yet set in a fantasy world, you can expect to come across aliens, mythical creatures and mechanoids. However, the game offers a rather standard look at MMORPG races, along with its own spin. So, if you want to start playing the game, here are all the Elyon races available to play at launch.

Elyon Races

There are only four races that you can play at the launch of Elyon. The four features the Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Ein. 

  • The Humans are your standard human race, which makes up the most versatile race in the game’s setting.  
  • The Elves are your pale pointy-eared creatures, resembling more high elves than wood or dark elves. They are still known for their longevity in life, one of the many tropes of the race in fantasy settings.
  • Meanwhile, the Ein are a collection of smaller yet sentient races. If you like your small or furry races, then the Ein are for you. Expect to make your character look like a hamster, gerbil, badger or other fluff balls.
  • Unlike Warhammer or Warcraft’s green boys and girls, the Orcs have slight savage features and somewhat resemble a mixture of elves and Humans. They are known for their large and robust physical appearances and are not as warlike as they come across. However, you can still make them look like savage orcs if you so wish.

As for your race choice, do they even matter? Well, the answer to that is no. Unlike other MMORPGs, the races in Elyon are only appearance-based. The races do not offer any benefits to player power through racial skills, racial passives or other contributing factors. Furthermore, every race can be male or female, except for the Ein, as they are a collection of different species.

Now that you know the four races in Elyon, why not check out the seven Elyon classes available at launch? Image via Kakao Games.

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