Here is what was in the Halo Infinite Campaign reveal stream

Microsoft has unveiled the Halo Infinite campaign reveal for the first time since summer 2020. The new Halo Infinite campaign reveal featured Chief speaking to his new AI, aka the weapon. Moreso, 343 Studios detailed new gameplay features and some RPG style armor and weapon upgrades. Here is what we got from the trailer.

What is in the Halo Infinite Campaign Reveal

Halo Infinite Campaign Reveal RPG
Here is the customization menu for Halo Infinite campaign. Image via 343 Studios.

The New Halo Infinite Campaign revealed that Master Chief is hunting for a new AI, called the weapon. On his first mission in Infinite, Chief drops down to retrieve the new AI, who ‘where have you been’ in a nutshell. While it appears Chief has a new AI, the story seems to be pointing towards a Cortana reunion at some point. So will Cortana 1 and 2 fight during the campaign, especially since the weapon is designed to fight Cortana, but she doesn’t know why?

Meanwhile, the Halo Infinite Campaign reveal showcased the new gameplay features that you can encounter in the open world. One of those are platforms scattered around the world, which Chief can use to request airdrops. If you go up to these platforms, the game offers Chief a menu to select Warthogs, Mongoose, or a Wasp. Moreso, there are ammo and weapon platforms that he can also request.

The other big reveal was that there is now some form of customizable armor. Chief can modify his iconic Spartan armor, offering his character to get upgrades as he goes on. While you are out in the world of Halo Infinite, you can grab hold of these new currencies called Spartan Cores, which Chief can use to upgrade many elements of his kit. You can upgrade your Grappling Hook, Spartan shields, his Threat Sensor, a Drop Wall deployable and more. This allows Chief to become stronger in the open world while allowing the player an opportunity to spec into the gameplay aspects they love the most.

With the main features out of the way, the Halo Infinite Campaign reveal showcased more of the enemies. The Banished are the main threat in Infinite, showcasing the new big Brute Chieftain baddie and the usual Grunt, Jackal, and Hunter enemies in the world. While exploring, you will find outposts controlled by the Banished, which is their base of operations in the area. You can also free captured UNSC marines who will help fight the Banished in those areas. More so, they can board your Warthog if you bring one along.

Halo Infinite Campaign

The Halo Infinite Campaign last got a big feature in 2020. The initial response to the Halo Infinite campaign was rather lacklustre, as it showcased very little. The only thing we got out of it was that it is going to be an open-world game with grappling hooks. Ever since that trailer, Halo Infinite was delayed till 2021, and we got very little from it. It has only been recently that the marketing of Halo Infinite really ramped up, with many players getting the opportunity to test the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

With the number of features and Halo Infinite campaign gameplay we got to see, the trailer should put the sceptics to rest. If you’re looking to play the Halo Infinite campaign in co-op, we sadly do not have a release date for that just yet.

Halo Infinite campaign and multiplayer release on December 8, which is available on Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store and Steam.

Images via 343 Studios.

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