House of Musk: Disney Plus is coming to a Tesla near you

Tesla’s new update will let you watch all your favourite Disney films from your car.

Have you ever wished you could catch up on some TV even while you’re running around doing errands? Thanks to Tesla’s latest update, you can watch everything available on Disney+ video streaming service right from the dashboard of your fancy car, noticed by users on Reddit.

You can watch in Tesla’s Theatre Mode, which for safety purposes doesn’t work while you’re driving, but offers other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and even Twitch.

So sit back, relax and while your car is parked up or recharging you can experience everything the streaming service has to offer. Just make sure you don’t spend time daydreaming about binging classic episodes of The Simpsons whilst you’re on the road.

Disney+ currently has over 100 million subscribers, according to Variety, just 18 months since launching, so if you don’t have a Disney+ account then it is likely you know someone who does.

Other features to look out for in Tesla models include a carwash mode – which will seal the car to stop water damage or leakage – dashcam autosave, auto-dimming for your mirrors and more battery information so you can keep on top of when your vehicle needs charging.

Soon you’ll also have the the ability to stay connected to Wi-Fi whilst driving, alongside new language support for Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.

If you want to know more about Tesla, feel free to check out our coverage of the new 2021 Tesla steering wheel and what makes the Tesla Autopilot work.

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