How Long do Black Friday Sales last?

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Well? Did you have fun bargain hunting yesterday? With analysts predicting a huge Black Friday spend even though we are still in the midst of a Pandemic and global supply issues remain it seems we can’t get enough of a bargain before the gifting season begins in earnest,

But what if you still have your eye on something and haven’t taken the plunge yet? Maybe you don’t get paid until the end of the month? How long have you got to still get the savings?

How long does Black Friday last on Amazon?

It depends on the retailer itself. Amazon has been pushing Black Friday sales, packaged in a slightly different way for the last couple of weeks. Amazon USA has already switched into Cyber Monday mode, while Amazon UK is branding things Black Friday Week.

As for as Jeff Bezos’s behemoth goes though we reckon you have, while stocks last, until at least the end of Monday to make your purchases with the current level of savings,

Obviously, Cyber Monday sale prices don’t go lower than the Black Friday counterparts, otherwise, everybody would just return items and re-buy them cheaper, so don’t get caught up waiting thinking something might drop further. It’s very unlikely to.

How long does Black Friday last at Best Buy?

Like Amazon, Best Buy in the US seems to have switched into Cyber Monday mode. As above though that still doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pick up the identical deal that you might see on one of our Black Friday deals pages, such as on this Alexa-powered Mr. Christmas Christmas tree.

Again, as long as stock lasts the Best Buy Black Friday / Cyber Monday event won’t conclude until the end of Monday.

So if you want to see the best of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, without trawling the whole of the internet, be sure to check our pages for the latest and greatest deals out there all weekend.

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