How New World server transfers will work – next week

Due to the lengthy queues New World players had to endure during the first week of release, many started their journeys on servers they could access quickly rather than ones that might have hosted friends and acquaintances. Nearly two weeks on, those massive queues have largely been eliminated. This is a good thing.

Also a good thing is that Amazon Studios pledged to allow character transfers between servers, so that players could transfer over to be with friends without having to start their characters afresh. What’s not so good is that the server transfers that were expected to be available last week have been delayed into next.  

The latest community announcement says that “some edge cases where the transfer experience does not meet our standards for its release” were discovered, requiring the delay by another week. However, in preparation for the rollout, Amazon Games has revealed the process by which character transfers will take place:

How to transfer New World characters to a new server

  • Players will need to log into their characters and go to the in-game store, where there will be a tab to claim a character transfer token.
  • Before any transfer can take place, the character needs to not be in a Company, must have no active Trading post orders, and must be located in a sanctuary.

If you want to know what will or won’t be transferred to a new server alongside characters, check out the server transfer update post on the New World forums.

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