How to Add Friends in Pikmin Bloom

Fresh from the success of Pokemon Go, devs Niantic have now brought us Pikmin Bloom, Similar in many ways in that you are certainly going to get your steps in walking around the real world growing and collecting AR flowers are you go.

It’s always fun to play and compare with your real-life friends though so let’s take a look at how you go about adding them to your game.

How to add friends in Pikmin Bloom

To add friends you need to be on the Calendar screen. If your game starts on the map screen you need to press the arrow in the bottom right corner.

Once on the calendar screen click your name to open up your profile.

Tap friends in the top left and the game will open up your friends’ list.

Hit the + button in the top right and click Add Friend to open up the friend code screen.

pikmin bloom

How to enter a friend code in Pikmin Bloom

Once you are on the Friends Code page you will see your own code that you can copy and share. Below that is a box where you can enter a code that a friend has given you.

Add in the code and your friend will be added, not only to your list on Pikmin Bloom, but also on Pokemon Go if you both play that.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent this which seems a little odd, so it is something to be aware of on the off chance you don’t also want to add them to your other game.

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