How to change your Lost Ark mouse settings and control scheme

Lost Ark is here, and players are once again mapping their MMO controls to suit their needs perfectly. The game needs to feel natural since Lost Ark is a hybrid MMO that features gameplay machines familiar to ARPG games like Path of Exile and Diablo while having cooldowns akin to League of Legends champions. This is where knowing how to change your Lost ark mouse settings come in. 

If you’re in the crowd that finds the control scheme for Lost Ark is slightly off, we will teach you how to properly change your Lost Ark mouse settings and your control settings.

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How to change your Lost Ark mouse settings

Lost Ark Change mouse settings
Here is the menu you are looking for.

If you’re not happy with your control scheme, you will need to get in-game. For some reason, changing your Lost Ark mouse settings is not available in the game’s main menu. You will need to be logged into your character and actually be present in the game world.

Once when you’re on a character, you can then press escape and look into changing your Lost Ark mouse settings. To do so, you need to do the following process.

  1. Log into a character.
  2. Press escape
  3. Click on the hotkeys tab and then select basic controls.

When you’re in the menu, you will find a toggle option for attacking with right-click. Ticking it changes your Lost Ark mouse setting to attack with the right-click. Thus, unticking the option make left-click the attack options. Depending on which toggle you have selected, the mouse buttons essentially swap over. If you reflect back to when you made your first character in the test zone, the game offered several different controls. It effectively swaps between those different default control styles.

If you’re still not happy with your controls, you can still change your lost ark mouse settings even more. For example, league of legends players may find that attacking with the A key is more natural for them, as A keys are naturally the attack move. If that’s the case, you will need to modify the ‘Attack (keyboard option)’. If you do opt for that change, you will need to rebind skill button 5, as Smilegate set that to the A key by default – presuming you went for the same default control scheme at the start of the game’s tutorial.

To find the location of your skill hotkeys, simply click on the skill tab under the hotkeys menu. From there, you can change any of the bindings that you want. You can also change your items keybinds under the item category. Feel free to change your mount button to what you use in FFXIV or WoW, rather than the default  F1 or 5-9 keybinds. ETC.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you make your time in Lost Ark better. Got any tips to change your Lost Ark mouse and keyboard settings to? Let us know in the comments below.

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