How to choose an app development partner in 2021

The number of app development companies grows worldwide each year and finding the right people to work on your startup can become a great challenge. Choosing the right partner for app development can affect the outcomes. You need someone who can develop an app that meets your needs and helps you with achieving your goals.

If you decide on the wrong company, you may lose all your investments. A development partner with irrelevant experience, or less experience than you may need, may deliver a poorly looking product, full of errors. The wrong teams may not be able to meet deadlines and your own expectations. Trying to build everything as fast as possible, they underestimate the importance of the product’s quality. The circumstances of the wrong partnership may be painful.

But there’s a cure. By choosing the right app development company, you mitigate potential risks and may even save your startup from failure. A reliable partner will not only build high-quality software for you, but also consult on some business or marketing questions, optimize your product for search engines, and support you on all stages of product development.

Meeting the right partner may seem challenging. However, we’ll help you with the right choice.

Find out about key factors to keep in mind when choosing an app development partner, discover some handy tips, and get ready to build a powerful product with the right app partner.

Know your criteria

Before jumping right into the search process, make sure that you know your criteria and requirements for your project. For example, if you want to build a travel app, you’ll need people that already worked on projects like yours and have all the required skills and knowledge for it. You should know your target audience, define what features your app needs to have, meet your competitors, and deal with numerous other tasks before you meet your development partner. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What goals would I like to achieve with this app?
  • What problems will my app solve?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How can my app help my target audience?
  • What features should be delivered in the first version of a product – a minimum viable product?
  • Who are my competitors? Can I build a better app?

Defining your goals and requirements first will help you to find the right partner and make the development process easier. So, invest time in preparation and then move to the next step.

Shortlist app development partners you’d like to work with

Check reviews of app development companies on platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. These platforms share a list of top development companies worldwide with detailed information about each of them. Browse Linkedin to find out more about certain companies. Create a list of 20-30 companies (if you add more it may be very difficult to choose the right one) that you think have everything you need for high-quality mobile app development. Make sure to look at previous projects and reviews to have a better understanding of what each company is capable of.

Take a look at the app partner’s portfolio

Analyze in detail the company’s portfolio and previous works. Check if their apps have attractive and intuitive UI/UX design. Make sure that they have experience in developing an app like yours and deep expertise in a particular domain.

For example, if you’d like to build a marketplace similar to Amazon, check if your potential partner has an eCommerce background and marketplace development experience.

Here’s a tip: try some of the apps built by the companies from your shortlist. Download these apps, check their features and see how everything works. This will help you choose a reliable app development partner. Read users’ reviews. Are they satisfied with an app? Or is it full of bugs and issues? Each review may tell you a lot about the company’s expertise. 

Check the technology stack

The skills of potential app development partners must match your requirements. When planning your product, choose a platform. Do you want to build an app for iOS or Android? Would you like it to be available via browser as well? Or do you need to build both a mobile and a web app at the same time? Depending on the platform you choose, the requirements may differ.

Compare prices for app development services

Price for services may be the decisive factor when choosing the app development partner. Comparing the prices, you may find out that the most affordable option is to outsource development to countries based in India, Vietnam, Poland, Ukraine, or some other popular destination.

But keep in mind that the lowest price for service may mean the lowest quality. The cooperation with a team that offers the lowest prices may end up in a poorly designed product stuffed with critical bugs. In this case, you will have to look for someone to fix the issues and help you to launch your app.

Prioritize price-quality ratio. Make sure your partner is able to deliver a good product in time and avoid suspiciously low prices: it may cover a poor app’s quality. 

Make sure the app partner is interested in your project

A successful app development partnership is key to your business growth. Choose an app development partner who not only has the skills and knowledge for your project but also is interested in actually building it. It will be difficult to succeed with your mobile app development if the people you chose are only interested in getting the job done. 

Make sure you have established good communication with your app development partner and build long-term- trustworthy relations.

Check the social media accounts

Checking potential partner’s social media profiles can help you to better understand the development team. How they act online can also give you a vision of how they manage their work and spend their out-of-office time. Bad reviews, questionable information, or no information at all may be a red flag for you. Also if you experience poor communication while talking to them, it may show their lack of professionalism. So, if you notice delayed or ignored answers and poor communication skills, you should consider finding another professional.

Discuss the further app support

Make sure that an app development partner provides their clients with support even after the app’s launch. If they don’t, it’s better to find another agency. The app development process doesn’t stop after the app’s launch because you’ll always need to add new features and fix bugs. It is better if the app development company that you chose will provide you with support and maintenance services in the future. In this case, you won’t need to look for new people and hire them after the app release. Besides, these people will know nothing about you and your project which may complicate the entire development process. 

Discuss the support services and their prices beforehand and avoid worries about the app’s quality in the future.

Ask questions

Don’t hesitate to ask all questions that are bothering you. You should know exactly who you hire, what experience your team has, what engineers’ skills are etc. Asking questions will also allow you to see how the team communicates and what you can expect from them. Here are some questions you can ask a mobile app development partner, which will help you during an interview:

  • Can you build something similar to the app I want to develop?

This question will allow you to verify their knowledge and skills in the desired niche. Also, you can check if a developer can offer guidance and problem solving during app development.

You want to have an app partner that knows exactly what to do and doesn’t hide anything from you. The right development team should have an established workflow and involve you in the process.

  • How do you test the product?

Testing your app is essential for a successful result. It can show what works and what needs to be improved. Your mobile app has to meet users’ needs, work well and run on multiple devices. Developers have to understand that and provide you with detailed information about it. Testing allows you to identify problems and prevent your app from future malfunctions.

Though submitting an app to App Store or Marketplaces isn’t too difficult, it can be stressful if you’ve never had experience with it. So this question will let you know if the development team handles the submission or at least provides guidance on it.

Don’t skip this stage: asking the significant questions will shed light on whether the potential partner is right for your project or not.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right app development partner can be overwhelming but it is better to build your requirements before you start looking for the perfect team. Knowing exactly what you want to have in your app and what technology you need for that will help you to understand what questions to ask and what to look for in the answers. 

Establish good communication, share your vision, determine business goals, app requirements, and needs, and build a successful long-term partnership with the right development company.

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