How to complete the Wait For It challenge in Destiny 2 VOG

If you’ve played Destiny for some time, you’re familiar with the fan-favorite raid – the Vault of Glass. Now, the raid in itself is hard enough but when you throw weekly challenges into the mix, you’re adding a new layer of difficulty that some Guardians simply cannot overcome. Luckily, we’re VOG veterans at WePC and therefore, we can show you the ropes.

The specific VOG challenge that we’ll be tackling today is the Wait For It challenge which requires players to complete a specific task in the Confluxes encounter. This requires Guardians to kill Wyverns while they’re actually sacrificing themselves to the confluxes, something you’re usually looking to avoid.

While it isn’t hard to see when a Wyvern is sacrificing itself, the problem lies when you attempt to take them down. Wyverns are tricky customers with large amounts of health and powerful weapons in their arsenal so having the top tricks and tips for dispatching them is key due to the time-sensitive nature of this challenge.

How to complete the Wait For It challenge

wyvern sacrifice destiny 2

While the aim of the challenge is to defeat Wyverns while they’re sacrificing themselves to the confluxes, there isn’t a definitive answer as to how to actually do it.

The best way we’ve found is to get their health as low as possible as they move toward the confluxes. This makes actually defeating them far easier and ensures there will be no hiccups. To finish them off we’d recommend saving your heavy ammo and using either a linear fusion rifle or rocket launcher just to make sure you actually get the kill before the full sacrifice.

Another method, albeit a riskier one, is to save your super whether that be a Nova Bomb, Golden Gun, or whatever subclass super you’re using, and let it rip as the Wyverns are sacrificing. This will surely kill them but only if your aim is good so if you trust yourself, this could be the choice for you. Additionally, if you do choose to only use supers to kill Wyverns, you’ll also complete the ‘Dragon’s Den’ VOG challenge.

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