How to declare war in New World

Declaring war has never been easier, with New World, you can wage war on your enemies with the click of a mouse! Considering the nature and themes of Amazon Game‘s New World, it’d be surprising if war wasn’t a viable game option. In this article, we’ll be showing you how you can seize control of territory and declare war upon your enemies.

Before declaring war…

Before you can wage War on another Faction’s Territory you must weaken that Territory to a point where it is vulnerable enough to have War declared on it. In order to do this, you must perform the required amount of Faction Missions. Companies can only Declare War on Territories in Conflict.  

A Territory in Conflict is a Territory in which an opposing Faction has performed a sufficient number of PvP Faction Missions, raising their own Influence to 100% and reducing the influence of the currently controlling faction, or the other enemy faction.

Prepare for war

Preparation for battle

Wars take place at a time of the defending Company’s choosing.

Overtaking the fort

A company will win the battle by either capturing or defending the Territory Fort.

The attacking group must breach the Gates of the Fort to capture the defending Faction’s Claim over the Territory. To breach the Gates, three Rally Points of the Gate need to be captured.

Once the attacking Faction captures a Rally Point it cannot be re-captured by the defending Faction. Captured Rally Points are designated by the attacking Faction to serve as respawn points or as access to the Armory.


Siege weapons

Both sides of a war will have their own siege weapons. Those to break down the Fort or those to defend it. Each party will have to strategize and utilize the weapons at their disposal to either successfully attack or defend their territory.

Attacking siege wepons

Defending siege weapons


Both attacking and defending Factions have access to an arsenal of Traps to be used during Battle.

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