How to do a hip check in NHL 22

Last Updated: December 1, 2021

Man, I used to love playing NHL right back to Mega Drive days. Even in the early 2000’s, I had a full modded PC version on the go with custom sounds, ice logos, scoreboards the lot. It was amazing. Those were the days and it makes me happy to see that the franchise is back going strong with NHL 22.

With it though have arrived a fair few new players and picking up some of the nuances of the game is what will make you a more successful player. We get asked a lot who to do some of the things some players take for granted so here, for starters let’s see how to pull off this defensive check move that would be the difference between you listing the Stanley Cup or watching somebody else do it.

How to do a hip-check in NHL 22.

Performing the hip check in NHL 22 is simply a case of remembering the combo. Whereas with the regular body check you flick the right stick of your controller in a direction, the hip check requires you to press the right stick (on both Xbox and PlayStation controllers).

As you do that you need to hit L1/LB and time it right to pull off the hip check. It’s not difficult to do but you might mess it up the first few times, so keep practicing until you have it down.

It’s a less powerful check than the body check but is equally satisfying and cat set you up quicker when it works rather than slamming into somebody full pelt and having to recover.

The key to all good checks is in the timing. When they work they are great but they come with risks. Get practicing and you will soon be performing perfect hip-check whenever you like.

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