How to find Boatswain Ambrose in New World

For those who started in or are optionally questing in New World’s First Light zone, there is a quest called One Threat at a Time. The quest is designed for players around level 15-20 who take on the pirate shantytown on the coast of First Light. However, the two named mobs you have to kill are rather lucrative. Here is where to find Boatswain Ambrose and Quartermaster Zabulon.

Where to find Boatswain Ambrose in New World

One of the NPC you have to kill is New World’s very own Boatswain Ambrose. Boatswain Ambrose is located in the quest area, on the actual beach. Follow the scaffolding down towards the beach if you’re on the elevated Pirate shantytown of Nyhart’s Anchorage. 

Under the scaffolding, you should come across a cave entrance. Following the cave, vanquishing pirate ghouls along the way. Eventually, you’ll come across a special NPC called Botswain Ambrose, guarded by two other NPCs and a nice chest next to him. Kill him, and you should make progress towards your One Threat at a Time quest.

Where to find Quartermaster Zabulon in New World

Quartermaster Zabulon is located on the pirate ship that docks at Nyhart’s Anchorage. You’ll have to walk the docks, eventually climbing aboard the pirate ridden ship. The quartermaster spawns inside the ship, located towards the back, which is where you would expect to find the Captain’s quarters. He is the rather big pirate, located next to the usual pistol pirate wielding allies of his.

Once you kill both NPCs, you will complete the One Threat at a Time, requiring you to return to First Light and hand in the quest. You will then get a few more quests pointing you towards Nyhart’s Anchorage for follow up quests against the zombie pirates. Don’t forget to visit the landmark just above Nyhart’s to get to the fast travel point, making it easier to jump there and back.

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