How to get a Lost Ark Beta key – what date does it start?

It might be hitting its third year anniversary in South Korea and is actively available in Russia, but Amazon Games are bringing the hotly anticipated MMO to the West sometime next year, with the closed beta only running from the 4th of November until the 11th.

The Closed Beta Test will start players at level 10, after choosing their class and sub-class. You’ll also be able to experience the full game up until Rohendel, which appears to be quite a ways into the game itself. The level cap has been brought down from 100 in the Alpha to 50, presumably to ensure that people don’t overindulge on the game before its release in 2022.

The beta begins at 9 AM PT (4 PM UTC).

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Though you will get an XP boost to help level alternative characters to get the most out of the beta.

It also brings with it a bunch of general improvements, including font sizes, hairstyles, menu redesigns and colour blind filters.

Amazon and the developers of Lost Ark, Smilegate, will be stress testing the beta when it launches and funnelling every player into a solitary world to see how much of a mess they can make of things before dividing the game into smaller servers. Amazon was sure to stress the queue times.

How to get a Lost Ark Closed Beta Key

If you were in the Alpha for free, you might not be eligible for the Beta, but lots of other websites have been doing mass giveaways, indicating that both companies obviously want as many people in on the action. You can always purchase a pack from Amazon to get a beta key immediately, redeem it and then cancel the package, as it won’t be usable until March 31st, 2022.

Lost Ark on Amazon UK

Lost Ark on Amazon US

What’s in the Lost Ark Beta?

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  • The unique prologue per class has been replaced with one streamlined prologue.
  • Adventurers will start at level 10 and progress though the Forgotten Land Of Trua after selecting their subclass. On top of a new story, it will teach the basic controls and battle techniques of Lost Ark.
  • Increased the level cap from 50 in Closed Alpha to 55.
  • Increased Expedition level cap from 55 in Closed Alpha to 100.
  • 2nd Awakening Skill & Quest added for all classes.
  • All content up to Rohendel will be unlocked, including:
    • Main Story Quests.
    • Field Boss (Magmadon).
    • Rohendel Chaos Dungeons.
  • All dungeon content up to Phantom Palace will be unlocked.
    • Abyss Dungeon – Phantom Palace (Twisted Monarch’s Hall).
    • Abyss Dungeon – Phantom Palace (Hildebrandt Palace).
  • New Guardian Raids
    • T2 Chromanium added.
    • T2 Nacrasena added.
    • T2 Flame Fox Yoho added.
    • T2 Tytalos added.
  • Vern Chaos Gate added.
  • Shadespire Tower (Floors 1 – 50) added.
    • Can be accessed via any major city.
  • Cube Dungeons (Normal) added.
    • Can be accessed via any major city.
  • Farms and Caves:
    • Can be unlocked by completing “Small Island: Discover Uninhabited Island” Stronghold research. Quests unlocked after completing.
    • This is a small island within your Stronghold which has many gatherable resources which regenerate daily.
  • We are opening up 70 islands for Closed Beta participants to discover and explore.
    • Zone: Gienah
    • Zone: Procyon


Yes, the beta will be featuring microtransactions, but to offset the fact the beta will presumably include a full wipe of any progress before the game’s launch next year, you’ll be getting 40, 000 Royal Crystals, which could be a massive amount of wealth or a pitiful amount.

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