How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom

If you want to hatch your Pikmin you need to get Flower Coins. There are two main ways to get your coins in Pikmin Bloom so let’s start with the first one.

How to get Flower coins in Pikmin Bloom

Use real money

Love it all hate it, microtransactions don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. We have come to expect now with free-to-play games that we are going to get harassed to spend real money on fake things. Assuming a game is free to play is naive as often progress without payment can be painfully slow as the devs artificially hinder those with empty pockets.

So, if you want coins quickly and don’t object to the model you can purchase Flower coins from the shop at a rate of about $1 per 100 coins. Whether you think it is worth that is up to you.

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Earn coins in Pikmin Bloom by planting flowers

The other way to up your in-game coin count is to plant flowers, which awards you coins without having to spend any real money but does require effort and grind on your part.

You don’t get one coming per flower you plant, the devs have decided that is too easy. You are going to have to do a lot of walking, and a lot of planting to earn coins in Pikmin Bloom, and even then you are not going to get rich this way. TO get enough coins to purchase anything in-game might well be too much of a chore for most people, driving them to the store to my them. Who would have thought it?

Are there any other ways to earn coins in Pikmin Bloom.

Nope. Nada, no way Jose. Not yet at any rate. We haven’t seen any plans to change this so far either so until then, the two methods above are your only option.

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