How To Get Gjallarhorn In Destiny 2

The official unveiling of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has just been announced in a Gamescom pre-launch show, with some exciting news regarding old-school weapons from the original series. Amongst release dates, first looks, and an official trailer, the event also announced that gamers could get access to the Gjallarhorn in the latest expansion for Destiny 2. 

The pre-launch show has sparked a tonne of excitement around the ever-popular Destiny 2 game, with Bungie announcing a few 30th-anniversary treats that are sure to be a hit with fans of the game.

Gjallarhorn Weapon Returns To Destiny 2

Amongst the big Destiny 2 unveiling news, Bungie also stated that gamers will be able to get their hands on the famous rocket launcher weapon.

Tuesday’s eye-opening Destiny 2 showcase was broadcast to hundreds of Destiny fans, offering up a first real look at The Witch Queen expansion, Season of the Lost, and a host of equally exciting game changes from this year’s release.

How To Get The Gjallarhorn In Destiny 2

Early adopters of the game will be able to purchase the title this year, equipped with some tasty classic weapons that include the Eyasluna Handcannon and the sword from Bungie’s Myth. Whilst the December Party will be a free event, players can alternatively purchase an anniversary pack that includes a Dungeon (set in the original Destiny’s Loot cave) alongside the exotic Gjallarhorn itself.

What Is The Gjallarhorn: Destiny 2

The Gjallarhorn was an exotic rocket launcher found in the original Destiny game, equipped with tracking missiles that operated independently from the warheads themselves. Originally, the weapon was obtainable via the Beauty in Destruction mission – however, players who purchase the 30th-anniversary pack get it as an additional extra.

The Gjallarhorn was hugely popular in the original game, often being the key for getting players into certain raid groups. The weapon players a key part in the Guardians taking down Atheon, Crota, and more bad guys from the original saga.

Whilst the gun won’t be identical to the original offering, Bungie promises fans of the game that it will live up to expectations.

Finally, Bungie is also launching a Nerf version of the gun, available at the same time as the release of the title.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Reveal Trailer

For anyone that missed it, here’s the official Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Reveal Trailer

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