How to get Legendary Weapons in New World

When you start approaching the end game of New World, you will have partake in quite a number of grinds. Whether that is gearing up, preparing for late-game wars, or improving your crafting skills. If you’re very interested in player power, some of the strongest weapons in the game become much more accessible. There are legendary weapons. While you can start getting Tier 4 Legendary items, the Tier 5 legendary weapons and armor are some of the best in slots (BiS) for several builds. If you’re one of those players very interested in New World legendary weapons and armor, then we can guide you through how the system works.

Crafting New World Legendary Weapons and Armor. 

New World Legendary Weapons Crafting
The Rage is one of the legendary weapons you can craft.

As soon as you start the game, you will have access to a few Legendary weapon recipes. For example, if you visit the Arcana station, you can see you have access to craft the Rage, Glacial Rage, and Master Cryomancer’s Gauntlet. These are three Intellect scaling weapons that allow players to make some really good Tier V Legendary quality gear.

If you want to craft some of these legendary weapons, you’ll need to get the appropriate crafting skill, tier station and resources. That’s right; you will need a governor willing to invest settlement resources into upgrading a station to the final tier. After that, you’ll need to have the required crafting skill level and the resources that come with it.

Legendary Weapon Quests

When you start reaching the end game, you will make your way to the Shattered Mountains. You need to visit the NPC called Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome at level 60. While you do her quests, you will eventually unlock ways for NPCs in the region to forge your legendary gear. However, you will need to have the maximum weapon mastery skill before you can use them.

For example, you can get side quests from Eintou Madaki, offering a quest called Prime Resolve, which allows you to get a Swirling Staff base. Note this isn’t a weapon, but a part of a questline to craft a Fire Staff, etc. If you’re more into your War Hammer, you’ll need to do side quests that craft various weapon parts and power. You can expect to do seven quests before you get to forge your legendary crafted weapon. Note that these weapons are considered 580 power level weapons and are not quite the 600 Gear Score orange pixels BiS items you can get from full crafts or legendary drops from bosses.

But, before you can speak to Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome, you need to complete the side quests in Great Cleave and Edengrove. Once you complete all the side quests in both zones, you should unlock your legendary weapon quests. You’ll also need to be mastery level 20 before you can go ahead and accept any New World legendary weapon quests. Once you get some of these quests, you’ll more than likely have to form a group to kill some of the elites in the end game areas, walking around, opening caches, and killing up to 50 elite enemies in the area.

New World Dungeons

The endgame New World bosses offer the chance of some really good loot. For example, The Garden of Genesis is one of the max level dungeons and can drop both New World legendary weapons and armor. The Garden of Genesis has a chance to drop weapons like the Angry Earth Exterminator, Creeping Recurve Bow, Primordial Edge and more.

Rather than exclusively doing expeditions, you can opt for Arenas offering you the chance to get equipment caches. You can get quests by participating in the end game Arenas, such as the Spriggan, Siren Queen, or the Protector. For example, the Siren Queen offers players random rewards through the Lost Equipment Cache for level 60s. These caches can drop gear from anywhere between 500 -600 gear score. You might only get a blue quality 525 piece of gear. However, you could get something like the Captain’s Deal or Wintersbite, a legendary Sword and Ice Gauntlet. Source: New World Database.

Since these drops are completely random, you could spend quite a lot of time farming Arenas in hopes of getting some incredible legendary pieces of gear. We hope you like grinding for your BiS items.

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