How to Get More Wedding Photography Clients

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Every photographer has issues with getting more clients. But it’s especially hard with wedding photography. Wedding photography clients can be some of the toughest to pick up. The statistics read all weird too. For years, folks have been spending less on weddings. Sometimes they also spend less on photographers, while others spend more because the photographs are important to them. Wedding photography clients can also be tough to work with: so too can their parents. But today, we’re presenting a foolproof way to get more wedding photography clients.

Bad Photo Tips is a new, satirical series that provides the best photography tips on the web. You won’t find these tips anywhere else on the internet, not even YouTube.

If you listen to what photographers say to one another, you’ll often hear them talk about technical things like pixel peeping, random things coming out of someone’s head in a photo, something being cut off by framing, etc. And clearly, this is all very important. So I implore you to spread the education. The biggest one is pretty easy: pixel peeping.

To get more wedding photography clients, you have to teach them about pixel peeping. If their photos aren’t crisp, sharp, and free of image noise at 100%, then that photographer just isn’t worth hiring. And this is one of the reasons why manufacturers talk about it so often in their own presentations. It may not seem obvious, but they’ve been trying to help us all these years. 

How to Capture More Wedding Photography Clients

  • Offer to photograph a wedding client for exposure
  • Photograph them
  • Pixel peep the image and show it to them
  • Tell them that it’s all because of your camera
  • Get really expensive lights
  • Shoot them again
  • Pixel peep even more
  • Pixel peep harder, faster, and stronger
  • Show them how sharp the images are
  • Point out their pores to them in the photos
  • Support them by telling them that Photoshop is bad

This is truly the way. Wedding photography can be very tough. But if you have the right gear, then you’ll get everything you need. Some folks don’t want their photos to look very sharp, though. They want the film look. And that’s fine, but that’s also where the wedding photography clients need to be educated. People pixel peeped and looked at resolution charts back in the day too. 

If you want to do film photography weddings, you need the sharpest gear. This is why so many went for medium format cameras. But also, large-format works fine. I challenge you, in fact, to be the first wedding photographer to do dance floor photos with a large-format camera and lights. I think that if you just believe in yourself enough, you can do it.

Some extra facts:

  • Everyone will always be amazed by your camera
  • Wear a photo vest, with pockets and all
  • Bring a roller bag with lots of gear. In fact, bring gear from every manufacturer
  • If you can, opt for medium format digital. But get the DSLRs with the 400MP imaging sensors. This will give you true pixel peeping
  • Send your clients the RAW photos so that they get the highest quality stuff
  • Take all of this very, very seriously.

Bad Photo Tips are satirical. Don’t take these seriously. They’re just for fun.

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