How To Get Training Points In Madden 22 – User Guide

Madden 22 has been an absolute hit since its release, although there are a few that struggle with the mechanics getting themselves a refund. Regardless, there is a mechanic in Madden 22 in which you gain training points. Training points can be used as a currency for items such as power-up cards. you can also use training points in Madden to level up your player, along with a few other benefits too.

How To Get Training Points In Madden 22

You can bag yourself some training points in Madden 22 by completing in-game missions or purchasing them online. In-game missions, such as selling player cards or completing Madden 22 ultimate team challenges are probably the best (free) way to get these points.

When you sell a player card, you will get Training points in return. When opening packs you are likely to get duplicate players that you can instantly sell for points.

There are a lot of challenges you can go after in Madden 22 ultimate Team too, meaning there is plenty of opportunities to earn free Training Points., without spending actual cash.

Buying Training Points In Madden 22

An easy and quick way to get yourself some Training Points is to buy them. We always advise avoiding min-game microtransactions but sometimes we need those points right away.


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