How to listen to Spotify offline on Apple Watch

If you want to know how you can enjoy offline Spotify playback on your Apple Watch, then these are the steps you need to follow.

Previously gated away behind specific Samsung and Garmin devices, the ability to listen to your favourite Spotify playlists on the go has finally made its way to the Apple Watch.

This means that if you fancy listening to some tunes during an outdoor run then you no longer have to bring your iPhone with you to do so.

It should go without saying that in order to access the feature, you need to have an active Spotify Premium account – if you have a Spotify Free account then the following steps will not work. If this isn’t an issue, then all you need to do is follow these steps exactly and you’ll be enjoying some quality tracks in no time.

When it comes to downloading songs to your Apple Watch, Spotify has thankfully made the process as simple as possible. In fact, there are only five steps to the whole process:

1. Open Spotify on your phone and tap on your desired playlist or podcast.

Find the playlist you want to download and tap the three dots

2. Tap the triple dots (…) icon and select ‘Download to Apple Watch’. To check the download progress, open Spotify on your Apple Watch and tap ‘Downloads’.

Tap 'download to Apple Watch' to begin downloading the songs

3. When the download is complete, a green arrow will appear next to the content in question.

You can check the download progress by going into the Spotify app for Apple Watch

4. To start listening, simply tap the playlist or podcast on your Apple Watch and connect your desired headphones when prompted.

Chose a pair of headphones to start listening offline on Apple Watch


If the allure of offline Spotify playback has you interested in buying an Apple Watch then it’s worth pointing out that not all Apple Watch devices support the feature. In order to run Spotify offline, an Apple Watch must be running watchOS 6 or above. Because watchOS 6 isn’t compatible with devices predating the Apple Watch 3, these are the Apple Watch versions that support offline Spotify:

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