How To Make Easy Deep Fried Oreos

Deep Fried Oreos are an easy and fun treat for special occasions! Only a few ingredients are needed to make the batter crusted, powdered sugar dusted sweet indulgence!

Coating Deep Fried Oreos with powdered sugar

Deep Fried Oreos Are the Ultimate Carnival Treat!

Whether it be at the County Fair, a local carnival, or an amusement park, I’m going to guess that you have at least HEARD of Deep Fried Oreos! I’ve even seen them on dessert menus at high-end restaurants! Of course, they are the ultimate in dessert overkill…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t outrageously delicious.

Coating an Oreo cookie in what is essentially pancake batter, deep frying it, and finally coating it in powdered sugar ends up being like a beignet or donut with a melty Oreo inside. Sounds amazing to me!

Making Deep Fried Oreos At Home Is Easy!

This recipe also uses Bisquick, which is simply a pre-made baking mix made of flour, shortening, salt, sugar and baking powder. It’s intended for making pancakes, biscuits, waffles, and more as a shortcut ingredient. It can be used in s many ways and is super useful to keep in your pantry in a pinch. In this case, along with a few other simple ingredients makes the perfect batter for Deep Fried Oreos!

Fried Oreo cut in half


  • Oreo Cookies, or any other sandwich-style cookie. You can use Double Stuf or regular…it honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference!
  • Bisquick, or any other generic version of Bisquick that your supermarket sells.
  • Milk, can be any type.
  • Egg, I use large-sized eggs
  • Vegetable Oil, or Canola Oil will work too. You just need a flavorless oil to fry!
  • Powdered Sugar to dust them with at the end!

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