How to preload Battlefield 2042 open beta on Steam

After a short delay and ever-increasing anticipation, the Battlefield 2042 open beta is almost here. You can now preload the BF2042 open beta on Steam, in preparation for the playtest event. The full game is set to release on November 19th, however, to ensure Battlefield fans can get into the server as soon as it goes live, we are going to show you how to preload Battlefield 2042 beta on Steam.

The process is incredibly straightforward, let’s take a look.

How to preload Battlefield 2042 open beta on Steam

If you have pre-ordered Battlefield 2042, you may not have been notified that you can preload the beta yet. Well, everyone can now preload the BF2042 through Steam. Anyone that has used Steam before will know how straightforward the platform is, and in a matter of clicks, you can have the open beta loaded and ready to go when it eventually goes live.

Assuming you already have a Steam login and the Steam client (if not sign up for Steam first), head to the Steam Store and search for ‘Battlefield 2042‘.

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Once on the main Battlefield 2042 page, scroll down to the bottom of the pre-purchase options and you will see ‘Join the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta now!

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Click ‘Request Access‘ and a pop-up message will appear asking ‘Click below to confirm your request to join. You’ll receive an email when the developer is ready for more participants‘.

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Click ‘Request Access‘ again and a second pop-up message will appear saying ‘Access Granted‘. Click ‘OK‘ and then you will see ‘Play Now’, Click this and the open beta will start to preload onto your computer.

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Battlefield 2042 open beta file size

The Battlefield open beta file size sits at 19.1GB, a fair beefy size that indicates the scale of what is to come!

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Battlefield 2042 open beta details

Your preloaded beta will allow you to play on Battlefield’s iconic sandbox mode – Conquest, with action that will consist of several flags rather than individual control points. We will also get to see the Orbital map and meet four of the Specialists – Webster, Maria, Pyotr, and Wikus.

preload Battlefield 2042 open beta on Steam

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