How to sell items in New World

If you’re grinding New World to the Nth degree and have accumulated a bunch of items, it might be time to sell them on a get some reward for all your scavenging. If you’re one of these people, it’s not instantly clear on how to or where to sell items in New World so getting that vital information is key. Luckily, we’ve got just the guide for you. Before we get into that though, let’s quickly talk about how selling items works. 

New World utilizes a player-based economy and therefore, item selling revolves solely around the playerbase. NPCs almost take a back seat with this set up which means you’ll be directly interacting with other players to sell your New World items. However, if you’re the shy type, there is an alternative selling method that bypasses any player interaction and instead, you can list your items up eBay style.

How to sell items in New World

sell items new world

Sell New World items at the Trading Post

If you do want to avoid player interaction and would rather sell New World items without speaking to a single soul, you can use Trading Posts. These Trading Posts are located within settlements but are isolated from one another. This means if you try to sell an item at Everfall for example, those searching at the Windsward Trading Post will be left wanting.

If you want to get rid of your New World items as fast as possible we recommend you use this Trading Post method. However, be warned, make sure you get the value right as you don’t want to lose out an a plethora of cash.

Sell New World items with other players

If you do want to get sociable, you can, in fact, sell New World items with other players you find. This will allow you to enter the age-old method of bartering, potentially allowing you to sell your items at a premium.

If you do find another player you want to sell items to, simply press the H key which will then open a window for you to select the trade option. From that point on it’s down to your convincing skills for how much money you can your hard-earned items for.

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