How to share your Google Maps live location in Apple iMessage

Google Maps is getting with the times on iOS, enabling iPhone and iPad owners to share their live location within the iMessage application.

Within the next few weeks, users will be able to quickly (and temporarily) share their current whereabouts when texting with friends, family and work colleagues.

It’s all possible via the little app drawer within iMessage that enables iOS/iPadOS users to share snippets from apps they have installed on their device.

The live location sharing feature is one the rival Apple Maps app has had for quite some time, and is ideal for those situations where you’d like to have someone keeping tabs. However, for some reason Google has resisted following suit.

Now, along with other overdue features like a dark mode and live home screen widgets, Google is making amends with its latest update.

The update is still rolling out to all users, but once it’s available it’s easy to make use of. Here’s how to share your real-time location in iMessage on Google Maps:

  • 1) Open iMessage on your iPhone or iPad.
  • 2) Swipe from right to left to find Google Maps within the app drawer at the bottom of the display until you locate the Google Maps icon.
  • 3) Tap Google Maps to load a view of your current location and hit ‘Share your real time location for one hour’ If the current location displayed isn’t accurate, you can refresh it.
  • 4) If you want to share the current location (an existing feature), tap that option.

Of course, it’s possible to stop sharing the real-time location at any time, once you’re home safe and sound, for instance. Again, the feature isn’t going to be live for all users yet, but it’s still possible to share the current Google Maps co-ordinates, you’ll just have to stay still for anyone to find you.

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