How to solve the Ashley puzzle in Resident Evil 4

It’s the spooky season once again, and we’re sure that a lot of gamers are dusting off their many copies of Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 to give it another run through in the lead up to Halloween. One of the most notorious puzzles in the action-horror game is the sliding tile one where you’re playing as Ashley in Chapter 3-4, so as Resident Evil 4 professionals, we figured we’d write a post to help people out. 

What is the solution to the Ashley puzzle in Resident Evil 4? 

In Chapter 3-4, Leon and Ashley are separated in Salazar’s Castle and have to reunite with one another. At a certain point, you’ll take control of Ashley and make her attempt to escape from a storeroom, which is blocked off by a series of heavy metal gates. Power through that section and you’ll eventually reach a puzzle.

Ashley Puzzle Resident Evil 4

When you get to the Shifting Stone Puzzle, you’ll want to slide the tiles in the following order: 

  • Move Tile 4 
  • Move Tile 7
  • Move Tile 9
  • Move Tile 3 
  • Move Tile 1
  • Move Tile 7
  • Move Tile 9

Congratulations! You’ve solved the puzzle. A new area will have opened up, where you can find the Salazar Family Insignia, a Gold Bangle, and the Serpent Ornament. When you steal the Serpent Ornament, the suits of armor in the storeroom will come to life and try to get you. You should be able to run away from them with relative ease, but watch out for a dangerous quick-time event from the living armor near the end of the corridor.

When you complete this section, you’ll have finished Chapter 3-4. From here, you’re on your own. Good luck! 

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