How to use Nearby Share to send files between your Chromebook and Android phone

With the release of Chrome OS 91, Google has added a new feature that makes sharing files between your Android phone and Chromebook quick and easy. This new feature is called Nearby Share and it debuted on Android phones in 2020 allowing users to swap links, photos, and other files using a combination of Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth, WebRTC, and Wi-Fi.

It’s essentially as close as we’re going to get to Apple’s AirDrop technology on Android, and now you can even use it with your Chromebook. Keep reading below to find out how to get started.

Step One

Ensure your Chromebook is running the latest version of Chrome OS, Nearby Share wasn’t officially enabled until Chrome OS 91. You can view this by opening up the Settings menu, choosing About Chrome OS, and checking your current version.

If your Chromebook is running an older version of the OS, then you’ll first need to upgrade.

Step Two

Open the Settings menu, locate Nearby Share under the Network tab, and click the Setup button. This will run you through a setup wizard allowing you to name your Chromebook and choose which contacts will be able to share with you when your screen is unlocked.

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