How to use Spotify Enhance to give your playlists a boost

Spotify’s recommendations engine is arguably the best in the world, but there’s a time and a place for suggestions and it might not be in the middle of your favourite playlist.

Which is why Spotify Enhance is a curious new feature for Premium members. Listeners choosing the Enhanced option will see personalised recommendations added to their playlists.

However, putting our own cynicism and playlist protectionism aside, Spotify says the feature is designed for users who’re trying to round out their playlists with similar tracks, rather than make perfectly collated compilations even better.

The company says Enhance will step in any when it’s harder “to find tracks that fit the tone or mood—or you might be looking to broaden your horizons and add new songs and artists.”

Nothing will be added without your consent, and there’ll be about 30 recommendations for each playlist, Spotify says. In essence, it’s not too dissimilar to the suggestions users already see when they’re building playlists.

Here’s how it works, courtesy of a Spotify blog post on Thursday:

  • Simply toggle the feature on and off by tapping the new “Enhance” button at the top of each playlist.
  • Recommendations woven into the track list will then appear. You’ll get one recommendation after every two tracks, for a max of 30 recommendations.
  • If you like what you see, press the “+” icon next to each new track to permanently add them to the playlist.
  • It’s an addition, not a substitution: The songs you add will never be replaced, and you can turn Enhance off with a simple tap.

The feature is rolling out over the next month on iOS and Android and the UK is on the list of countries in line.

“With Enhance, we’re helping our listeners do more of what they love: curate their playlists with great recommendations. Enhance will continue to evolve as we learn more, so stay tuned for those updates down the road,” Spotify says.

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