How to watch the new Outriders broadcast

Last Updated: November 15, 2021

People Can Fly, and Square Enix has unveiled a new Outriders post-launch content update. While they have not yet said what exactly, we know the non-live service game is getting a future after all. The reason why is because we know there is an upcoming Outriders Broadcast stream coming up, which will go into detail on the massive free content update.

When is the Outriders broadcast?

The survivors of Enoch are sending out a broadcast to the gamers back on earth. In earthly time, we humans can expect to see the Outriders broadcast at 17:00 GMT, which equals 18:00 CET. If you’re in the United States, then you expect to receive the transmission at 12:00 ET or 09:00 PT. Remember, the broadcast is on November 15 at the above times. If you’re interested you can find all this on Twitch at the specified date and times.

Do be aware this is on one hour before the mother of all events, the Xbox 20 year stream. There are mega mumblings of a Halo early access drop for external testing, along with potential Fable 4 rumours getting our hopes up. If you’re a keen fan of Outriders and Xbox IPs, then we advise not forgetting about the historic day in gaming history.

What to expect from the Outriders broadcast?

The last time we checked in on Outriders, we learned what ahap[pened to the natives on Enoch, how they took the plants power and morphed into beasts. Meanwhile, we got information on the other major spaceship that went venturing towards Enoch. The player managed to sort that ruckus up the best we could and get the supplies from orbit onto Enoch. However, the cargo was intercepted by various forces on the planet, and it’s only made the war worse. It was also our end game grind for gear, if you remember?.

With that said, there needs to be some conclusion to the supply pods. Perhaps the supplies have greatly helped the planet to become self-sufficient. Maybe we still need to make it self sufficient? How are all the warring factions doing? Moore importantly, have the natives gotten stronger now they have access to the human supplies and the powers of Enoch?

The other thing that was interesting about Outriders was the balance. The Pestilence Technomancer was insanely strong at launch. Are we getting a major class rebalance patch and reworks for the new content? Or, maybe there is an entirely new class coming to Outriders?

Their post-launch free content update is very exciting for a game that never intended to be a live service title. No doubt they’ll want some content that can last a long time and keep people interested until there’s an Outriders expansion on the horizon or something like that.

Featured image via People Can Fly.

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