Humankind Forcibly Disconnected Error Fix

If you are finding that the Humankind multiplayer is not working and you are receiving the Humankind Forcibly Disconnected Error, this page is for you.

Although most players have not had any issue with Humankind on release, and the game has a ‘mostly favorable’ rating on Steam, a certain number of people have reported problems with the game, particularly with multiplayer.

Humankind Forcibly Disconnected Error Affecting Windows Store & Xbox Game Pass Versions

It seems that the Humankind Forcibly Disconnected Error is limited only to players who have bought Humankind via the Xbox Game Pass or the Windows Store. Players of the game on Steam, Stadia or the Epic Games Store have not reported the same cause of the Humankind multiplayer not working, though other errors like the crash at loading screen error still abound.

The nature of the error and the fact that it is limited to these platforms indicates that it is related to either Gamertag validation or network troubleshooting issues. We won’t know for sure until Amplitude Studios themselves patch the bug, which hopefully won’t be too far away.


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