H&Y REVORING Black Mist Filter and Attachments Released

H&Y REVORING Black Mist Filter and Attachments Released

Hong Kong-based H&Y, known for the first-ever variable step filter adapter, continues the development of its camera filters and filter accessories with a new series of black mist filters. Built upon The REVORING variable adapter design, the new filter, and magnetic clip-on attachments, join a long lineup of high-quality lens accessories.

Following the release of The REVORING with built-in Variable ND and Polarisers, H&Y is extending its filter family with the REVORING Black Mist Filter. Magnetic Clip-On Attachments are also being released for owners of the ND and Polarizer models. Aiming to replace step-up rings, H&Y products are a great fit for photographers and cinematographers alike.

Especially those with an eclectic mix of lenses of varying filter thread sizes. The REVORING technology uses self-retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of lenses. No longer do operators need a stack of step rings or the same filter in different sizes.

image credit: H&Y

The REVORING Black Mist filters and magnetic attachments are available for pre-order on the H&Y website. Both are expected to ship in early September 2021. The Black Mist filters will start at $109 and the magnetic attachments at $119.

H&Y REVORING Black Mist Filter

Built upon the first-ever variable filter adapter from H&Y, the Black Mist version of The REVORING provides the same variable flexibility but with the dreamy-like quality of Mist-style filters. The REVORING Black Mist Filter comes in two size ranges. The smaller model fits lenses with a 46mm to 62mm thread size and the larger for lenses with a 67mm to 82mm thread size. The built-in and non-detachable Black Mist filter come in at 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 strength.

Magnetic clip-on filters

For owners of The REVORING Variable ND and Polarizer model, H&Y is releasing Magnetic Clip-on Black Mist filters. They attach directly to the VND/CPL variable filter and also come in at 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 strength. Unfortunately, the magnetic clip-on filter is only available for the 46mm to 62mm and 67mm to 82mm models. It is also not compatible with the regular REVORING variable step adapter.

H&Y REVORING Black Mist Filter Packages
The REVORING Black Mist Filter Packages. Image Credit: H&Y

The right tool for the job

The REVORING adapters, as well as its VND/CPL and Black Mist cousins, fill a unique niche in the lens market. Vintage lenses of all shapes and sizes are returning from the dead and ever-evolving camera technologies are utilizing different thread sizes as lenses grow in complexity and reduce in size.

image credit: H&Y

Having a single filter for multiple lenses is a great alternative to step rings or adapters and it is great to see the market tackling issues we’ve all begrudgingly learned to live with.

Link: H&Y website

What do you think of the REVORING line of products? Do you have some in your kit? What lenses are you utilizing with this adapter? Let us know in the comments!

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