Iceland hotel wants your Aurora photos in exchange for a free month’s stay

Aurora Borealis is “the holy grail” for many landscape photographers. If you’re one of them, a hotel in Iceland has a unique offer that you may want to apply for. They will give you a month of room and board and cover your travel expenses. You don’t need to pay with money, but with your photos and videos of the Northern lights.

The “aurora season” is around the corner in Iceland, lasting from September through March. Hotel Rangá is located in an area where you can observe the phenomenon in all its glory. It’s located in the countryside, about a 90-minute drive south of Reykjavik. It’s a prime viewing spot and even has its own observatory with two high-end telescopes and a retractable roof. So, the hotel is seeking a photographer who will help them show the world how spectacular this place is.

Travel and Leisure explains the conditions of the offer. What you get is airfare to and from Iceland, as well as room and board for a whole month. You will be able to access the hotel’s observatory and hot tubs, and go around and explore the country on your days off. In addition, you’ll have access to Hotel Rangá’s sister hotel, The Highland Center Hrauneyjar, located in the even more remote Icelandic highlands.

What does the hotel expect from you? First of all, you need to be able to commit to three weeks of work and provide high-quality photos and videos of the Northern lights. You need to be aware that Hotel Rangá will have “unlimited license to mutually agreed upon photographs and videos” and will be allowed to use them in printed and online promo material indefinitely.

If you want to apply, you need to fill out this form. The hotel wants to know which social media channels you’re active on and how big your follower base is. They ask you about your previous experience with shooting the Northern lights; if you have a driver’s license, if you’ve been vaccinated, and why is it you who should be the hotel’s “light catcher.”

A month’s stay in Iceland is super-expensive, especially for us from Serbia. So at the first glance, this deal sounds great. Also, I’m totally okay with shooting in exchange for a gift like this instead of money. On the other hand, the part of the deal I don’t like too much is that you’re supposed to give the hotel “unlimited license” to your photos and videos. I guess it all depends on what you expect, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, how you view your work, and many other aspects.

I’m still not sure if I’d accept the offer, but I lean slightly towards a “yes.” What about you?

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