iFootage Spider Crabs Released – Versatile Mounting System for Camera Rigs

iFootage Spider Crabs Released – Versatile Mounting System for Camera Rigs

Building a camera rig that meets desirable attributes like ergonomic, clean, versatile or minimal can be considered an art… or it can be just plain tedious. To make it easier, iFootage has just announced its mounting system called Spider Crabs. A series of versatile articulating arms with a clever quick release system, plus a range of handy accessories.

Whenever you need to attach some gear to your shooting rig or mount the whole thing in a certain way, for example on a car, you’ll need some kind of mounting equipment. The new iFootage Spider Crabs line might be worth a very close look in this regard.

The whole system is built around a set of four articulating arms, two heavy and two light, each “weight class” available in two lengths. Using these arms with their unique quick release system, other accessories can be combined to build exactly the rig you need for the job.

iFootage Spider Crabs
Spider Crabs attached to a Sony FX6. Image credit: iFootage

iFootage Spider Crabs

iFootage unveiled these magic arms back in 2020, but never actually got to market until now. To “compensate” for the delay, they have come up with a whole ecosystem built around these magic arms.

The four different articulated arms mentioned earlier can be seen as the heart of the iFootage Spider Crabs system. Each one has quick-release attachment points on both ends to which you can attach various other accessories such as 3/8″ screws with ARRI locking pins, a 1/4″ screw head, a cold shoe mount or a suction cup.

iFootage also offers so-called Grab Clamps for its system, which can be combined with a support rod to strengthen slider setups and prevent them from tipping over.

iFootage Spider Crabs
extension arm. Image credit: iFootage

There’s even a smartphone holder available for mounting the phone to the windscreen of your car for example. Speaking of cars, the suction cups are perfect for rigging a camera to a car.

iFootage state that their Spider Crabs line is a..

strong, lightweight, portable, modular system designed to support you and your equipment no matter where you find yourself working.

The arms are available in either 7 or 11-inch models and there’s also a ‘lite’ version (LT2- 2.5 & LT4- 5.5) as well as the telescopic Rod (SA-32), which along with models MA 3-4 & MA 5-6, have a clever dual safety, quick lock system which allows the user to activate the first lock automatically when they attach their accessory and then a buckle lock is manually activated ensuring that valuable kit is never at risk of falling.


The iFootage Spider Crabs are are made out of anodized aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials. All have anti-slip gearing ensuring long life and a rock solid hold. Only the heavy-duty models (MA 3-4 and MA 5-6) sport the quick lock mechanism.

MA 3-4 
weight: 380g
payload: 6kg (vertical)
length: 7 inches

MA 5-6
weight 440g
payload 6kg (vertical)
length 11 inches

iFootage Spider Crabs
“heavy” (left) vs. “Lite”(right) models. image credit: iFootage

LT2- 2.5
weight 266g
payload 6kg (vertical)
length 7 inches

LT4- 5.5
weight 330g
payload 6kg (vertical)
length 11 inches

Spider Crab Support Rod SA-32
Weight: 660g
Telescopic range: 52.8 – 81.3cm

iFootage Spider Crabs
image credit: iFootage

VS-146 Suction Cup
weighs 480g and can support a rig of up to 30kg. 

VS-118 Suction Cup
weighs 390g and takes a payload of up to 20kg.

Pricing and availability

Most of the freshly announced iFootage Spider Crabs are already available, a few accessories have yet to show up, but I’m sure they will soon. Each item can be purchased individually so you can build your rig exactly how you want and/or need it.

iFootage Spider Crabs
smartphone holder. Image credit: iFootage

The idea of combining articulating arms with a quick release system is not exactly new, other companies like Bright Tangerine or Zacuto have similar solutions, but I like the “whole ecosystem” approach and of course the pretty competitive price.

Link: iFootage

What do you think? Is this system something you’d consider for building your rig? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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