Intel 12th Gen H670, B660, and H610 motherboards: where are they?

People are eager to get their hands on the new Intel 12th gen compatible motherboards: the B660, H670, and H610 chipset series from all their various branded, third-party SKUs; but when can we expect to see them released?

We’ve already seen the release of the Intel 12th gen compatible Z690 motherboards, ahead of the Alder Lake release date itself, but these are the more expensive, premium options out there, typically geared to those looking for a high-powered, overclocked gaming rig. For those with slightly more modest ambitions and budgets, the B660 motherboard and the H670 and H610 (the updated Alder Lake versions of the B560, H570, and H510 chipset motherboards of the previous gen, Rocket Lake CPUs) offer more affordable solutions.

Thanks to a leak from ASRock back in August, we know that these three chipsets are almost certain to be released at some point, the only question is when? Read below for everything we know about them at this present time.

Intel 12th Gen H670 motherboard release date

The next most specced out 600-series motherboard chipset, following the Z690, the H670 motherboards will offer the most PCIe lanes, DMI lanes, and USB slots other than the Z690. Historically the H570 did not support overclocking, but it’s uncertain at this stage if the H670 will support overclocking or whether this will be restricted to just the Z690.

The expected H670 release date is sometime in Q1 2022, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Essentially, when we see the first H670 motherboards will likely be at the same time as the release of the non-K (i.e. non-overclockable) Intel CPUs, as buying a Z690 motherboard for a processor that you can’t even overlock would be a fairly pointless waste of money. The earliest expected release date for the non-K Intel CPUs is during CE 2022, which is scheduled for 5th – 8th Jan, 2022, we don’t know for sure though.

Intel 12th Gen B660 motherboard release date

The true mid-range entry, with less PCIe slots, DMI lanes, and USB slots than the H670 but more than the H610; the B660 will likely be the most popular choice of motherboard chipset for the most consumers, and will likely be best paired with the Intel i5-12600 or lower CPUs.

The expected B660 release date is sometime in Q1 2022, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

As above, the B660 motherboard release date will likely be synchronized with the release of the non-K (i.e. non-overclockable) Intel CPUs, so we may potentially see them during CE 2022, or sometime later in the first few months of 2022.

Intel 12th Gen H610 motherboard release date

The most budget offering on this list is the H610 chipset, which serves as the entry-level Intel 600-series motherboard, the H610 will be a bare-bones offering, suitable only for those looking to get one of the cheaper entries in the 12th gen series (e.g. the Intel i5-12400 or i3 series if these are going to exist for 12th Gen).

Again, the expected H610 release date is sometime in Q1 2022, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

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