Intel Core i9-12900K vs 11900K vs 10900K

Gaming Benchmarks

We tested the CPUs in a variety of games to check their performance on titles that have different utilization, such as CS:GO and New World.


Control is quite taxing on one or two CPU cores and so with the same hardware elsewhere, the only difference will be from the CPU. Which unsurprisingly shows that there isn’t any difference between the 12900K, 11900K, or the 10900K. With the same boost clock and frequencies that is no surprise, and so at 1440p the 12900K achieves an average of 129 fps, the 11900K averages 131 fps, and 10900K averages 131fps. We saw the same kind of difference at 4k as well with the averages only ranging 68-69 fps.


CS:GO is also a title that heavily utilizes CPU cores, it tends to use multiple cores at least a bit better and so better utilizes the 12900K split cores. That can be seen with its performance in the game with the 12900K averaging around 355 fps compared to the 11900K getting 297 fps and 10900K only getting 258 fps on average. So you can really see the difference between the generations there, gaining about 50 fps between them. Even at 4k, the 12900K is averaging 320 fps with the 11 and 10900K averaging around 260fps. So with its architecture and integration, it has managed to increase the GPU utilization with less bottleneck on the CPU itself, affording a more stable performance.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk is a CPU hog, and at 1440p max settings, the 10900K and 11900K are over 60% utilization with most of their cores nearly maxing out and they manage to achieve an average framerate of around 100fps. Whereas the 12900K is under 50% utilization and all cores loaded but to a lesser extent, but it does mean the framerate stays below 100. At 4k the utilization on the CPUs is now all similar with the loads on the cores subsiding and their framerate now averages between 68-70 between the CPUs.

Days Gone

On Days gone there again wasn’t too much difference in the performance, with the performance ranging from 142 fps average (12900K) to 149 fps average (10900K) at 1440p, and at 4k it’s the same with the 12900K a few fps lower on average. As the utilization isn’t that big on the CPU itself spread across some cores, the 12900K loses out on slightly lower boost clocks.

Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator is another title that sees no real difference in performance, only really in the 1440p where the 12900K is averaging 125 fps with the 11900K at 117 fps and 10900K at 112 fps. But then at 4k they again are all at a similar framerate with 75-80 fps on average.

New World

New World is a game with interesting performance with the CPU cores all getting loaded up and GPU utilization not at 100% in city centers.  Yet clearly benefits from the 12900K’s build with it averaging 125 fps compared to 107-108 that the 10900K and 11900K are averaging. And they actually achieve the same kind of performance at 4k as well showing us that the limitations aren’t from the GPU or CPU but still benefit from how the 12th gen is structured.

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